Nylon Coupling

Nylon Coupling

MSB Nylon Coupling is torsionally rigid power transmission coupling. There flexible shaft connection transmit torque between two steel gear hubs and the internal teeth of a nylon drive sleeve. These couplings are specifically suitable to compensate for shaft misalignment, whether axial, radial or angular.


Single or double engagements option make the Nylon Couplings suitable for variety of applications. The spacer type couplings can be assembled both vertically and horizontally.

The steel hubs and nylon sleeves are a material combination that allows for maintenance free, continuous operation and very low friction on the teeth. In the case of misalignment in couplings between hubs with spur teeth, high edge pressure can develop on the contact surfaces. This can lead to considerable wear.

The curved teeth of Nylon Coupling avoid edge pressure on the coupling, even in the case of angular and radial misalignment.




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