Taper Lock Pulley Manufacturer

At MSB, we pride ourselves as leading taper lock pulley manufacturer in India. We offer taper lock pulleys within the range of 80 mm and 1800mm. We can also customize them with different designs and grooves based on the specifications and requirements of our clients.

At MSB we have a strong commitment to quality and meeting delivery schedules It is our endeavours to further strengthen our presence by continuously making improvements in our existing products, as well as pioneering in bringing newer technologies/engineering solutions to the Global Industrial Market.

Being a company that has established itself over the years as one of the best designers and manufacturers of top-grade mechanical power transmission equipments, we are well aware of the technicalities of creating superior quality taper lock pulley products that can be used for diverse functions. Our taper lock pulleys vary greatly in their dimensions and sizes. They are also known for their excellent robust nature. Each and every taper lock pulley manufactured are we produce stands out for its corrosion resistance, high lubrication as well as the capability of withstanding excessive wearing and tearing


V-belt pulleys in this catalogue are all manufactured according to ISO 4183 and DIN 2211 norms. The material used for the construction of these pulleys is cast iron GG25 and after the machining all pulley are being PHOSPHATED. Each pulley is strictly DYNAMICALLY BALANCED with high precision dynamical balancing machining tools. Unbalanced volume will corrected accurately.

Each pulley can be used safely and reliably.

Here are some reasons as to why our Taper Lock Pulley Manufactured  are greatly favoured in domestic and international markets.
• Robust Construction
• Long Durability
• Corrosion Resistance
• Cost effective
• Low maintenance
• Highly durable
• Great reliability
• Excellent finish
• Enhanced versatility
We are manufacturing the highest quality of taper lock pulleys from the good quality of raw materials. The main component which is used in taper lock pulley is stainless steel and aluminium.




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