Timing Pulley

MSB Pvt. Limited, is a quality manufacturer of Timing pulleys, Multi Ribbed Poly-v Pulleys, Sprockets, Clamping Plates, Synchronizing Shafts. These products are manufactured from high grade materials and precision built as per guidance by MULCO Group of Europe.

The performance & life characterizes of Timing belt is considerably influenced by material quality and machining of synchronous pulley & shafts with which belt get engaged and run.


MSB offers a wide range of finished precision pulleys that perfectly meshed with timing belts to meet the highest customer expectations. The perfect meshing of timing belt and pulley teeth is crucial for satisfactory performance and long service life of any belt drive. Our state of-art pulley manufacture line allows for very precise machining standards, leading to superior product quality and quick product availability. The production of MSB synchronous pulleys is subject to a constant quality control at all stages. A perfect meshing timing pulley coming out of the
overall system is guaranteed by the function defined control of all geometrical data, the tooth gap geometry, the shape and position as well as fine tuning of close tolerances.

The material and the dimensions of the synchronizing pulleys, i.e. number of teeth, pulley width, bore holes and arrangement of flanges are based on application and stated by the end customer and machine designer. Made-to-order pulleys are available with standard tooth gap and with reduced or zero (0) backlash tooth configuration. The pulleys can be flanged as required by the application. Mounting is achieved by flaring, rolling or bolting the flange, depending on the tooth profile and number of teeth used.





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