Fenner Gear CouplingFenner Gear Coupling

With a commitment to quality and relentless service, MSB’s Gear Coupling has established itself as one of the global leaders in the market in the field of Mechanical Power Transmission products. Our Gear couplings are compatible with Fenner Gear Coupling.

Our extensive product manufacturing knowledge and our pursuit of synergies are the keys to providing the highest standards to our customers. Our gear coupling stands for quality, performance, reliability, efficiency and economy ensuring that our customers are sent products conforming to the highest standards in the industry.

The following details are required for the selection of the gear coupling

  • Type of driven machine.
  • Power absorbed by the driven machine and Peak-load.
  • Speed and Diameter of the connecting shafts and space available for accommodating the coupling.
  • Maximum misalignment to be compensated.
  • Surrounding temperature.
  • Any other special feature of the drive.


Flexible Fenner Gear Couplings basically consist of two hubs, with crowned external teeth and two outer sleeves with internal spurteeth. Gear Hubs and the outer sleeves are manufactured from carbon steel and are hardened to the required degree. They are machined to fine tolerances for proper meshing of the gears as well as for inter-changeability.


  • For heavy loads 
  • For high speed operation 
  • For rotation rates below 100 rpm and requiring strong torque 
  • For rotation with sliding operation 
  • When the distance between shafts is large and connected with a spacer 
  • Not suitable for low horsepower applications.




    HUBS :
    The teeth of Gear Hubs are crowned and are generated by involute system. The amount of crowning and backlash values
    are so chosen as to ensure the best results in torque transmission, greater flexibility and smooth operations.

    The internal teeth of the sleeves are generated to ensure correct profile. The coupling sleeves are joined together with hightensile steel bolts (class 8.8 IS : 1367) fitted using a gasket in between them.

    ‘O’RINGS :
    The setting of special ‘O’ Rings at the ends of coupling hubs prevents leakage oflubricants and entry of dust. The ‘O’ rings can also withstand high degree of temperature upto 120 C.


    Seal carriers have been provided for sizes from FGC 11 to FGC 19 facilitate inspection and replacement of ‘O’ rings without disturbing the alignment.

    The normal power ratings are given in the Table. For selection of the correct size of couplings, proper service factor depending on the type of machines and the peak load should be considered.

    Generally, for medium duty use a service factor of 1.5. For heavy duty use a factor of 2 and for extra heavy duty a factor of 3 should be used. For special applications please contact MSB with full details.

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