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Characteristic & Merit

We can get more favorable convenience and cost down by using the Taper Grid Steel Flexible Coupling.




The movement of the grid in the lubricated grooves accommodates parallel misalignment and steel permits full functioning of the grid-groove action in damping out shock and vibration.


Under angular misalignment, the grid groove design permits a rocking and sliding action of the lubricated grid and hubs without any loss of power through the resilient grid.


End Float for both driving and driven members is permitted because the grid slides freely in the lubricated grooves.


Torsional flexibility is the advantage of Taper Grid Coupling, Providing flexible accommodation to changing load conditions.


Light Load


The grid bears near the outer edges of the hub teeth. The long span between the points of contact remains free to flex under load.


Normal Load


As the load increases, the distance between the contact points on the hub teeth is shortened, but a free span still remains to cushion shock loads


Shock Load


The coupling is flexible within its rated power capacity. Under extreme overloads, the grid bears fully on the hub teeth and transmits full load directly.


Taper Grid coupling demonstrate the excellent performance as shown below.


Type H ( Horizontal Split Aluminum Cover)


Type V ( Vertical Split SteelCover)


Coupling weight, without bore machining

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